If the messages are different every time, then you’re always starting from zero with your target audience. You’ll need to reinvent the wheel with each new activity or programme

Your Brand as a strategic
organisational resource

Page in extremis is a branding agency that helps you renew your brand from the strategic reflexion until the implementation. We transform your brand into a valuable asset for your organisation and its development strategy.

What are the benefits of branding?

In a world predisposed to uniformity, the motivation behind branding is all about differentiation.
Branding establishes the direction, leadership, clarity of purpose for the organisation’s most valuable asset: its brand.

The objective is help you speak with one consistent and reliable voice. Key audiences must understand the brand at once: customers, partners, regulators, analysts, media, staff...

How does your branding process differentiates from the other organisations?

Most of people think that branding is an esthetical exercise consisting of drawing a new logo and some graphic rules.

The logo is just the visible tip of the iceberg: an integrated visual system must be built in conjunction with the development of a brand strategy.

Effective brand strategy presents a central unifying idea around which all behaviour, actions, and communications are aligned. If an organisation wants to be regarded in a certain way, everything must support that desired identity.
When a strong brand strategy is created and then implemented clearly and consistently, your brand becomes a real long-term asset for your organisation.

Since Page in extremis founding 20 years ago, our branding process has been built around this premise: both the organisation strategy and brand strategy must grow together toward a common goal.

A strong brand enables you to express your core values to your targeted audiences. Our mission is to help you clarify and define a brand strategy that explains your company’s very existence. As your brand guardian, we will help your organisation to consistently convey the appropriate message in all of its communication.

When branding is necessary?

An organisation is like a living body, it grows, changes, and evolves over time.
Staffs, leaders, and divisions develop their own interpretation of the purpose and temperament of the brand. The result of this evolution can be a fundamental misalignment of organisational efforts.

A designer’s job is to take a message and communicate it visually. If he receives poor guidance or dissonant information, then he is communicating without knowing the message that must be said. He is working without a clear goal or audience and the results will not have the desired impact.

A new visual solution is also especially crucial when an organisation is introducing a new vision or a new core idea. The new visual identity must represent a new reality.

Sometimes successful rebranding requires “evolution” more than “revolution”.

Is branding expensive?

Branding only becomes expensive when you don’t take the time to build a clear brand strategy first. If the messages are different every time, then you’re always starting from zero with your target audience. You’ll need to reinvent the wheel with each new activity or program.

A strong brand, sustained by a focused strategy, clearly and consistently delivers the message your target audience wants to hear, and does so across all touch points.

A strong brand strategy enables you to do more with less!

You will solidify your brand to the people who matter most.
Organisations with a powerful and well-implemented brand know that the brand resource helps them achieve their objectives.

How can you choose a branding agency?

It is important to meet face-to-face with prospective branding agencies.

Two key points should be digging deep:

1° Some firms believe in rigorous research, others in creative sparks. There are firms that are design-led and others that are strategy-led. Others will do their utmost for a balance of strategic thinking and creativity. Each agency has its own point of view and uses its own process. It is necessary to know them in order to be sure that you can stay “on the same page”. Before selecting your agency, you should review a few case studies in depth with the team.

2° The brand strategist and the creative director have a central role. Gauge the experience, drive, and talent of the team you’d be working with. Ask them to talk in-depth about the projects they’ve led. Make sure you like them.

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Alain Steinberg

Co-founder of the communication agency Page in extremis, Alain Steinberg has over 20 years of experience as a brand strategist.

He has built his career helping organisations navigate strategic communication challenges and building strong brand reputations.

As a leading expert in the communication field, Alain has worked with a number of international corporations including: Spadel Group, Sapec, Sibelco, and many worldwide organisations: United Nations, World Custom Organisation, Eurocontrol, European Environment Agency, Amnesty International...

“Branding is a dynamic process which builds cohesion in organisations with diverse people and activities. We help you build a brand identity and a brand strategy based on your mission and vision.”

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