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Your Strategic Branding Agency

To stand out from the crowd, your organisation needs to differentiate.
But being different is not enough; you also need to be pertinent.
Your corporate identity should express what your organisation stands for. To succeed you need a reliable partner. One who brings experience, enthusiasm and perspective to the table. We turn brands into valuable assets and ensure that they are aligned with strategic objectives.

Thinking about a Rebranding?

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Brand Strategy

To be an asset for your organisation, your brand should be aligned with both your development and communication strategies.

We have over 21 years experience in guiding organisations on the road to defining and articulating their uniqueness.

Our comprehensive Brand Strategy Blueprint can transform your brand and drive up the value of your communications effort.

Do you need to clarify your communication strategy?

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Brand Strategy

Brand Creation & Development

Developing a new brand requires creativity. However, wild and unstructured creativeness leads to inefficiency. We have developed a personalised creative dialogue framework centred on your specific needs and requirements.

Do you want to know more about how to make from your stakeholders your best brand ambassadors?

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Brand Strategy

Brand Implementation

We bring brands to life through creative communication. We do digital, social media, print, motion, and events.
Nowadays is difficult to navigate without the compass of the communication programme.
First step is to define a matrix of your targeted audiences and messages. You need to select the channels and touchpoints you will use.

The criteria of selection depends of specificities: should we be more active on social media? what will be our dissemination strategy? Whatever your answers, your programme will be multichannel. Eager to have an integrated communication programme!

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Brand implementation


Your Brand as a strategic organisational resource

Alain Steinberg Page in extremis brand strategist

Alain Steinberg

Start with the brand strategy! Here are the key questions and answers an organisation needs to take in account before starting a rebranding process:

What are the benefits of branding? When branding is necessary? Is the branding expensive? How can you choose your branding agency?

Discover our answers

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At Pageinextremis, we have created some unique tools to help you understand and shape your brand

Branding is a dynamic and cyclical process, rather than linear flow. We can help you on each of the specific dimensions related to the holistic management of your brand.


• Brand Audit

• Design Recommendations

• Clarifying Strategy

• Defining Mission, Vision, Tagline, Messages, Elevator pitch,etc.

• Brand Positioning

• Brand Architecture

• Brand Extension

• Naming & Renaming

• Define Tagline

• Social Media Programme

• Living the Brand The employee becomes brand ambassador and delivers the brand’s content and promise. The employee’s commitment to the brand is what builds internal loyalty.

• Branding Strategy for Non-Profit Organisation Brand management as a tool for advancing the cause and securing funding (growing competition for public attention).

• Launching Brand Identity

• Presentation (Slideshow)

Content Development and Design

Branding is the process through which you putt the right identity questions that lead to an dynamic and innovative organisation.


• New Brand Rebranding

• Brand System:

• Modular Identity,

• Dynamic Identity,

• Branded House,

• House of Brands…

• Brand Books

• Brand Centre (online branding tools)

• Brand Identity

• Logotype and Signature

• Brandmarks, Wordmarks

• Brand Guidelines

• Identity Guide:

• Define logo guidelines, photography, colours, typography…

• Define stationary, signage, ephemera, vehicles… Define templates (touch points)…

• Digital Branding

• Website Branding

• Interactive dialogue invites new way of expressing the symbolic universe of the brand.

• Branding of specific

• Touchpoints

• Programme Branding

• Conference Branding

• Branding of Magazine

• Branding of Spaces

• Cause Branding

Thinking about a Rebranding?

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  • Remain in contact with our latest agency work on branding, digital and classic media via the Page in extremis blogs:

  • DigiPLACE has a brand new logo!

    DigiPLACE is an EU-funded project with a budget of €1 million aiming at creating a roadmap for a Digital Platform for Construction in Europe.

    DigiPLACE is a framework allowing the development of future digital platforms as common ecosystems of digital services that will support innovation, commerce, ...see more

  • Move your body with the City of Brussels and Prosport!

    The City of Brussels and Prosport organise the Brussels Sports Days, days of sports initiation in several neighbourhoods.

    This Saturday, free animations and initiations will be organised in the various disciplines:

    Sumo & Green Ninja Warrior // Slackline and skate park ...see more

  • The added value of an adequate brand architecture

    You might be assuming that your brand is too small-case to benefit from brand architecture. But brand architecture is not just for global corporations:  the idea behind brand architecture is to make your strategy clearer.

    Any brands can see measurable improvements in performance by ...see more

  • GIAL set up many years ago by the City of Brussels has just been renamed into i-CITY.

    This is to highlight the fact that the association is no longer oriented “local administrations” as its origin but “City of Brussels”, a City (City) in its IT dimension (“i-”) with a high (high) level in its responses to the needs of citizens ...see more

  • Zhaga is a global association of lighting companies that are standardising interfaces of components of LED luminaires. Zhaga develops specifications based on the inter-related themes of interoperable components, smart and connected lighting, and serviceable luminaires. This helps to streamline the LED lighting supply chain and to simplify LED lu...see more


In more than 21 years of experience, Page in extremis has developed and groomed a large number of European and International brands
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